Binge-watching has become the new norm for everyone.

The days of actually waiting a week for a new episode have seemingly gone by the wayside.

Zippia did a study on the most popular TV shows in every state and judging by some of the results, streaming absolutely played a big part in them.

The Sopranos cast (Photo: Getty Images)
The Sopranos cast (Photo: Getty Images)

New Jersey’s most popular TV show will not surprise you. It’s "The Sopranos". While streaming likely did play a part in that (people like my generation still watch it), "The Sopranos" was so popular in its heyday that it will likely be New Jersey’s most popular TV show forever.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a show set and based in New Jersey is our favorite. We love to show off our state.,0,0

Some other states on the list followed the same trend as New Jersey.

New Mexico, for example, had "Better Call Saul" as their favorite show. The show is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They clearly like to see their state portrayed on National TV as well. Maybe a little surprised that "Breaking Bad" wasn’t their top show.

Missouri has its favorite TV show as "Ozark". Also fitting considering the show follows the plot of Marty Byrde as he moves his family from Chicago to the Ozark's in Missouri.

North Dakota shocked me that "Fargo" was not their favorite, it was "Shameless". But one state over in Minnesota, Fargo was number one.

"Chicago Fire" was the most watched show in Kentucky, but shockingly not Illinois.

Can you guess the show that was the most popular by state? That would be "Friends".

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