Along with all warnings reminding us to maintain the social distancing rules if visiting the reopened New Jersey park this past weekend, Governor Murphy also had "Don't be a Knucklehead" signs posted at the various facilities.

These signs offended senator Joe Pannachio from New Jersey's 12th legislative district who wrote in his newsletter:

“I strongly condemn the flippant language the Governor has used in press conferences and on these signs. It is disrespectful to the citizens of New Jersey who have – and will continue to – make hard sacrifices to stop the spread of the coronavirus and save lives."

“The sophomoric language is unbecoming of the Governor, and certainly not fair to the people of New Jersey. Webster defines a knucklehead as a ‘stupid person.’ Is that what you think of sacrificing New Jersey citizens? Really?”

While in my opinion "knucklehead" doesn't even make the ten in Jersey offensive, I asked my listeners and social media following if they were offended and here's what they think:

Your reaction to Gov. Murphy's 'knucklehead' signs

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