This would be easy enough to say the most hated phrases or words in Jersey are, "License and registration" or "Your property taxes are increasing." But that's not what we were getting at Thursday when we did a segment on words or phrases people hate the most.

It started with a post by one of my Facebook friends. He wrote, "Whoever came up with the phrase 'winner winner chicken dinner' should be thrown in a wood chipper." I found it hysterical (especially the dark humor) because I too hate that phrase. Someone else commented, "Along with 'cool beans'." I concur.

Now no one seems immune to latching on to certain phrases as a crutch. Even our leaders fall prey to this. I remember in the 90's Christine Whitman constantly using the phrase, "At the end of the day..."

I supposed, "When all is said and done" was just so five minutes ago? Both are six words so I don't see it as a time save. How about go with brevity and just say, "Ultimately."

Then there's our current governor, Chris Christie, who can always be counted on to start many sentences when making a point with, "Listen..."

If we weren't already listening, why do you think we'll even hear the word 'listen'?

So we went to the phones and our listeners did not disappoint. Here are some of New Jersey's most hated phrases and words from our callers.

Daniella had "To piggy back off that..." She says people in her class do this constantly.

Ken is tired of the dismissive use of "Whatever."

Matt is sick of "It is what it is."

Anthony hates the word "raunchy", to the point that he can't even say it without laughing.

Johnny hates "Not for nothing."

Another Anthony is completely over "Awesome sauce!"

Dave wants "My bad" to go away.

Barry despises the use of "I could care less", pointing out that actually means you still have some capacity to care.

Ben wants "vacay" to go back to the full vacation.

And Maria thinks people who say they're "Just ducky" are anything but ducky.

I guess we all have our language pet peeves. At the end of the day, it is what it is, whatever, my bad.

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