Better get your ticket if you want a shot at about $750 million. Actually, you better make it two.

The Mega Millions is nearing $500 million and Powerball is closing in on $300 million. Do you play? Would you really want to win that much money?

We've had this conversation before that it would be harder to win that kind of money than win a few thousand, even a few hundred thousand dollars. Winning, let's say a million bucks, could be the best thing ever. Pay off the student loans, the house, the car and have some money to actually do a few things that you'd enjoy outside of work. But winning hundreds of millions is a game changer. New life, new friends? How would family react? How much would you give away, spend? Charity? You're phone would blow up for sure and forget about all the new Facebook friends.

For me, I'd rather bet on a game, even for food. Monday night's game between the Red Sox and Yankees will either put me one loss from making pulled pork for the morning crew or put morning news producer Patrick Lavery one loss closer to making his famous garlic sauce meatloaf. Now that's a manageable win.

That said, we did decide to task Bob Williams, New Jersey Traffic North, with picking up the tickets for this weeks drawings. Hope everyone on the morning crew remembers their three dollars. The only thing worse than winning hundreds of millions? Not winning it.

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