NJ Governor Christie has good news for Monroe Township taxpayers. Property tax relief is on the way.

Annette Petriccione, Townsquare Media

The governor called into Jim Gearhart's show this morning to provide an update in response to "Ask the Governor" complaints regarding high increases in Monroe property tax bills despite the 2 percent property tax cap.

In the August edition of "Ask the Governor" Christie blasted the Monroe Township Mayor Richard Pucci calling him a "problem mayor" and promised to look into the high tax hike after host Eric Scott had commented on the concern that, "municipal taxes increase 41 percent" in Monroe.

That sent Christie on a rant where he blasted Mayor Pucci for his taxpayer-funded bonuses and high-paying job as head of the MUA and saying, "Mayor Pucci doesn't have enough time, to comply with the cap apparently, because he's got too much other time on the public dole that he's taking."

Then Christie ordered Richard Constable, of NJ's Dept. of Community Affairs, "I want you down finding out what's going on in Monroe Township."

Today, Christie announced that a Dept. of Community Affairs (DCA) investigation found that the Mayor Pucci's budget violated the property tax cap - by increasing his levy more than 500,000 over the cap.

"We're issuing a letter today to the mayor, directing him to issue corrective property tax bills by November first," Christie said. "Bills that are going to comply with the law. That are going to cut the levy by half a million dollars, and adjust everybody's property tax bills by November first to reduce their property taxes by that level."

As a result of the audit, Christie says all Monroe property tax bills will be adjusted by November 1.