Here we go again.

A report about Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's visit to New Jersey back in May is still making rounds on the internet. And the rumor-busting fact-checkers at Snopes turned to New Jersey 101.5 to set the record straight.

Snopes noted that, a conservative online message board, dusted off a misleading Washington Times report from May about Clinton's visit to Camden.

That was the event that made headlines on some corners of the web after Camden County Freeholder Susan Shin Angulo botched the Pledge of Allegiance during her introduction of Clinton.

The Washington Times, a conservative publication, offered up the headline: "Hillary Clinton laughs as woman removes ‘under God’ from Pledge of Allegiance."

The article suggested that Angulo purposely left out the words "under God" — after she "caught herself in the act" of saying the phrase "and skipped over it. The article then suggested that the Democratic crowd approved of the omission by breaking into "applause and cheers" while Clinton "nodded and laughed." It didn't offer any citation or confirmation for the claim Angulo skipped the words intentionally.

The article and video became further evidence for some that Clinton and the Democrats are "hostile" to God.

But as New Jersey 101.5 reported back in May, Angulo says she didn't leave out the phrase on purpose. She said she merely tripped over her words — a mistake that the novice pol was extremely embarrassed about.

“It was just overwhelming and I have to say I am so embarrassed for stumbling at the worst possible time of my speech," she told us, adding that she never has trouble reciting the pledge in its entirety during freeholder meetings.

Snopes linked to our interview, declaring "false" the claim that the words were purposefully left out. But it also notes the video is real, and that Clinton laughed "as Susan Shin Angulo flubbed the words to the Pledge of Allegiance."

It ultimately deemed the overall description of the event a "mixture" of true and false.

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