OK, this is all a bit unscientific, but we've got a pretty clear winner when it comes to one of New Jersey's many regional debates.

Not Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham. Not Hoagie Vis. Sub. Earlier today, we asked you on Twitter "So, is tonight ... Mischief Night? Cabbage Night? Goosey Night? Ummm ... what?"

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised that as of 5 p.m., "Mischief night" was running away with more than 80 percent of the nearly 300 votes cast. Time Magazine says that's the preferred name for most of New Jersey. Cabbage Night (4 percent in our poll) is more of a New England thing. Most of the country doesn't call tonight anything at all.

Almost 9 percent of you call tonight "Goosey Night"  — Urban Dictionary seems to think that's a New Jersey term, though some others peg it as common in and around New York. The Dictionary of American Regional English finds ambitious references to Goosey (or Goosie) night around North Jersey going back decades.

(Twitter, incidentally, only turns up a handful of people using that term as a hashtag over the course of several years. #Mischiefnight seems a lot more common by that measure, too.

In any case, whatever you call it, be safe, be respectful and be on the right side of the law. And have a happy Halloween.

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