Would you give a homeless person money? There are those who would have no problem doing so, and there are those who think the homeless person will just drink it or buy drugs. Personally, I think you should give whatever you can to a homeless person without fear of what they will do with it.

Megan from Bradley Beach gave money to a homeless person and was rewarded. She called in to New Jersey 101.5 while we were talking about his topic, and talked about a family member who "struggles with housing and is sometimes homeless".

Then, she revealed that about 5 years ago while walking home on New Years, she ran into a homeless person and gave him the last $5 she had on her.

As Megan recalled, "Four years later, I'm walking out of a convenience store and I hear somebody say Miss Miss Miss." The homeless person from five years ago approached Megan, and said  "I will never forget your face ... because that one night you gave me five dollars. I hadn't eaten in 3 days, and that five dollars allowed me to get food in my system and have the strength to apply for a job the next day, and I've never had to go hungry since then."

Homelessness is up 9 percent in New Jersey. Megan hopes that people begin to stop and do something that they wouldn't usually do, like offer money. As she says, "Because you do never know what's going to happen with it, but you can't always assume the negative."

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