TRENTON — No ticket won the Mega Millions jackpot on Friday night pushing the annuity value to nearly a half billion dollars.

The winning numbers for the July 20 drawing were 1, 14, 30, 44 and 62, plus Mega Ball 1.

The jackpot for the next drawing on Tuesday night will have an annuity value of $493 million (cash value $296 million), the fifth largest Mega Millions ever.The amount will likely grow with strong sales for the multi-state game.

One New Jersey player got a taste of the jackpot with a ticket worth $1 million from last Tuesday's drawing. It was purchased at the 7-Eleven store on Route 9 in Pine Beach.

The winning numbers for the July 20 drawing are  1, 14, 30, 44 and 62, plus Mega Ball 1.

The Mega Millions jackpot has been growing since a $142 million prize was won on a ticket sold in Ohio. Before that, Richard Wahl, of Vernon, claimed the fourth-largest prize ever awarded by winning $553 million in the March 30 drawing. New Jersey also sold the last big Powerball jackpot winner of $315.3 million from the May 19 drawing to Tayeb Souami, of Little Ferry.

If you do win the jackpot what should you do? Lou Scatigna, of AFM Investments in Toms River, advised to lie low and keep your good fortune quiet.

"I would stay under wraps for a week or two before claiming the prize," Scatigna, author of the "Financial Physician," said. He suggested assembling a team that includes an attorney, accountant and a certified financial planner.

"When someone wins that kind of money once, they're known to the public, all kinds of stuff starts happening to you. People want money: charities, lost family members. You have to be trained to deal with the publicity and how your life is going to change in ways you don't anticipate," Scatigna said.

Scatigna suggested the winner sign the winning ticket take a picture of the front and back, put it in a safety deposit box or some place safe, tell as few people as possible about the win and get the ticket verified.

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