It would take a real "Jersey" guy to drop an F-bomb in a chance encounter meeting Paul McCartney.

Yesterday, all the Beatles seemed so far away ... except for Paul McCartney, who was seen and photographed walking the streets of Metuchen. John Manzo, owner of Be My Guest Personal Chef & Catering, happened to be driving by Sir Paul, asked permission and photographed the former Beatle as he was walking around town on Sunday around 2:45 p.m, according to Edison-Metuchen Patch.

Manzo asked Paul, "What the hell are you doing in Metuchen?" But when Manzo called into my show to talk about it, he said he was cleaning up what he actually said for radio when he told the story to me.

"You didn't drop an F-bomb on Paul did you?" I asked him.

"I definitely dropped an F-bomb," Manzo replied.

"You dropped an F-bomb on Paul?!" I asked laughing.

"Yeah and he cracked up, it was funny."

McCartney told Manzo that his wife Nancy Shevell used to live here. Shevell, in fact, grew up in Edison, graduated from J.P. Stevens High School, according to NJ Monthly. Her family has operated Elizabeth-based New England Motor Freight for many years.

So here's Manzo, a die-hard Beatles fan, meeting his idol -- while driving, with cars behind him. quotes Manzo: "I said to him ‘You’re awesome!' Paul looked at me and pointed, ‘You’re awesome!'"

This is both a Beatles fan's greatest dream and worst nightmare ... to both meet Paul McCartney and be forced to drive away. But as we say in Jersey, "And in the end the love you take is equal to the traffic you make."

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