Before you die, you have to see this. You have to go to Lambertville near Halloween. Specifically the 100 block of North Union St.. It's like entering an otherworldly, black light, pleasant nightmare. "Nightmare" because these handmade figures are indeed creepy. "Pleasant" because there's also something so artistically beautiful about each one.

This video from gives you a slight idea of the wonder that will assault your senses but there's nothing like seeing it in person.

Who is the evil genius behind this amazing one of a kind display? Her name is Dolores Dragan. Now retired, she was once an art teacher at Lambertville School. She's been at this since 1998 and this time of year it is the talk of the town. The display gets bigger every year. She works tirelessly for months leading up to her beloved holiday. In case you're wondering, her neighbors love it. They've even offered their own properties for when hers can no longer contain the ever-growing magical exhibit. This will be her 21st year proudly hosting what has come to be known as simply The Halloween House.

How did she begin it all? She tells that very interesting story in this highly polished documentary-style video that also shows even more of her creepy creations.

The Halloween House from Bob Krist on Vimeo.

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