I'm nothing if not self-deprecating. So here goes. As confessed on-air during Tuesday's show, I may well have the lamest Halloween decorations in the state of New Jersey. If you heard me speaking of the plastic light up pumpkin in the bay window, the wreath on the door (which isn't even a Halloween wreath but a general fall season wreath) and the inflatable on my lawn I'm offering this picture.

Jeff Deminski photo

As you can see it's Snoopy in a wizard hat sitting on top of a big pumpkin. It's 5 feet tall, and yes, it's very, very lonely. The only other thing you can see at night is the light up pumpkin in the window and the pic of that is so lame it's not even worth including here. Add the three small pumpkins remaining on the steps that haven't been eaten yet by animals and that completes it all.

Compare this to my broadcast partner's home where his wife goes all out every year. They've had fog machines, animatronics, graveyards and ghouls, strobe lights, blinking red grim reaper eyes staring at you from the inside of the window, creepy music playing, you name it, they've had it.

Am I jealous? No. I've never had much Clark Griswold in me when it comes to decorating a house for holidays. With a 3 year old, a 1 1/2 year old and two older kids this year has just been too busy to worry much about it. Although if I find some sweet post-Halloween sales on some terrifying animatronics maybe I'll try to change my ways next year.

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