There's more to Andrea True than a big hit record...and some of her story may shock you...but, I'm getting ahead of myself!Andrea Marie Truden was born in Nashville on July 26, 1943. She attended an all-girl Catholic School in her hometown.

By her teens, Andrea moved to New York City, hoping to make it big in movies.  While she did get a few small, mainstream movie roles (including "The Way We Were"), fame was elusive.

So, when some friends asked her to join them in a porn movie...she accepted...thinking it would be a good way to gain acting experience. She appeared in Scandinavian porn through the 1960s, and hit the American Adult Film scene in the early 1970's.

Around 1975, at the high point in her porn career, Andrea was hired by a real estate group in Jamaica. Her job: appear in their commercials.   And, this is where Andrea True's life took an unexpected turn...for the better!

While in Jamaica making the commercials, the island plunged into political crisis, and no one was allowed to leave the country with any money!

Not wanting to lose hear earnings, Andra got a crazy idea!

She called a friend, record producer Gregg Diamond. She asked him to come to Jamaica and make a record. She would finance the session locally with her real estate commercial money!

Diamond flew in with a song. Andrea sang the song. The rest is...history!

Behold: one of "Jersey's Favorite Party Songs," and a "Summer Hit" all rolled up into one, on our New Jersey 101.5 "Endless Summer Weekend!"

Remixed by engineer Tom Moulton, "More, More, More" became an instant hit in the clubs and discos! It went to #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the summer of 1976! "More, More, More" was a #5 hit in England, #9 in Germany, and #11 in Italy.

A full album was produced to capitalize on the single's international success...

"Party Line" wasn't the success Andrea wanted, halting its chart climb at #80 (1976).

True is quoted in the press of the day as saying: "I'd rather be a waitress or a typist than make another adult film," and "think of me as a recording star. I just want to record and perform."

1977 brought the followup album "White Witch."

In 'true form,' "N.Y., You Got Me Dancing" returned Andrea True to top-40 radio, peaking at #27 in 1977.

"What's Your Name, What's Your Number" was True's last hit in the US...and her second hit in England.

The song peaked at #56 in New Jersey, #34 in England, in early 1978.

In 1980, Andrea True released her third (and last) album.  "War Machine" was more of a rock album. Released only in Europe, it flopped. OOPS.

Back cover art, Best Of Andrea True Connection. (Craig Allen photo).

After the album failure, True briefly attempted a comeback in the porn business...but at almost 40, that didn't happen. And, singing was out, too! A growth on her vocal cords, and later surgery, ended Andrea's singing ability!

Through the 1990's, Andrea True lived in New York City, and was known for cooking gourmet meals for her friends.

True was thrust back in the spotlight, briefly, when Canadian rock group "Len" sampled the instrumental track from "More, More, More" in their top-40 hit "Steal My Sunshine."

As a sidelight to this story, when "Steal My Sunshine" was climbing the hit charts, I was working at Q-102 in Philly.

Q Jingle Ball
A cool keepsake from my "Radio Archives." (Craig Allen photo).

"Len" appeared at "Jingle Ball 1999." I waded into the crowd on the main floor at "The Electric Factory." Standing n front of me, a mother and her two "tween" daughters...

Q ticket
Good times! (Craig Allen photo).

"Steal My Sunshine" was the opening number for the night....and "Len" came out and sang their hit...laced with profanity! I was embarrassed for the station...the mom grabbed her daughters' hands, and that was the end of the night for them!

And a few years later, it was fun to again play the song, and tell this "insider" story on New Jersey 101.5's sister station, SoJO 104.9! But, I digress...

Back to our 'true' subject:

Around 2000, Andrea could be found in Florida, working as a drug and substance abuse counselor...and as a psychic...

Over the years, True continued collecting royalty money on her music. "More, More, More" stayed popular on oldies stations, plus it popped up in TV and movie soundtracks.

Sadly, Andrea True died in of heart failure Kingston, New York, on November 27, 2011. She was 68, and living near Woodstock, New York. She left behind no immediate family...and her ashes are in Cleveland, Ohio.

But, "More, More, More," a song born out of political and monetary unrest, will live on...forever!

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