🔴 NJ women claim spills at McDonald's left them with serious burns

🔴 All three lawsuits blame employees or lids

🔴 Each suit was filed within the last three months

NEWARK — Three women were burned when dangerously hot drinks spilled on them at various McDonald's throughout New Jersey, according to a series of recent lawsuits.

Most recently, a Newark woman filed a suit claiming she was burned on Nov. 3 at a local McDonald's on Frelinghuysen Ave.

Dyanne Faison ordered hot tea, according to the suit filed in Essex County Superior Court on Nov. 17.

As Faison was handed the dangerously hot drink, the lid "popped off" and the tea spilled on her, the suit said. She was hospitalized with serious burns and was permanently injured, according to the suit.

McDonald's in Newark on Frelinghuysen Ave. (Google Maps)
McDonald's in Newark on Frelinghuysen Ave. (Google Maps)

The lawsuit blames either negligence or a possible unspecified defect in the cup design for the unsecured lid.

Another woman claimed she was burned when hot coffee spilled on her at a Union City McDonald's on John F. Kennedy Blvd. two years ago.

According to the lawsuit filed in Hudson County Superior Court on Sept. 25, 2023, Karen Azucena Amaya suffered second-degree burns to her right thigh. She had to pay "vast sums of money" for her medical bills, the lawsuit said.

A third woman said she was also burned in a lawsuit filed in Ocean County Superior Court last month.

McDonald's in Union City (Google Maps)
McDonald's in Union City (Google Maps)

An employee at the Toms River McDonald's on Fischer Blvd. handed a cup of hot coffee to Mary Ynaya on Jan. 2, according to the suit. It said that as the worker gave her the coffee, the lid came off and the drink spilled on her.

Each suit demands financial compensation for damages.

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