If you watched the Nick Foles touchdown pass to Trey Burton in Sunday's Giants- Eagles game you saw the play clock run out before the ball was snapped, which should have resulted in a delay of game penalty instead of the margin of victory. Hey, that's the kind of stuff that happens when the Eagles play the Giants. But something else happened at MetLife stadium. The re-emergence of Eli Manning.

The Giants quarterback, whose benching resulted in the firing of head coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese, came back from obscurity and completed 37 passes in 57 attempts for 434 yards, three touchdowns and one interception. This was the Eli of old and he did it not with Odell Beckham Jr, or Brandon Marshall, but with Sterling Shepard, Roger Lewis Jr, and Tavares King. He did it against a number one playoff bound Philadelphia Eagles defense. He also did it in a stadium filled with Eagles fans who took over the Giants home and were so loud that Eli's offense couldn't hear his signals which caused tackle Bobby Hart to jump off sides on a crucial 4th down play.

So what happens with Eli now? Giants owner John Mara says he wants him here next year, but it's up to the new general manager and head coach. The Giants will have a quarterback picking high draft choice and the new coach may want to get started with his own guy like most do. If the Giants were to trade their franchise quarterback, they could get more value now that he has shown he's still got game.

But if you're looking to give your team the best chance to win and the owner has stated repeatedly that all he want to do is win, then you keep Manning and put the right pieces around him like an offensive line. I think we can all agree that whoever the next general manager is, the number one priority will be to fix the offensive line. Eli deserves to be here for that for all the punishment he's taken behind the five block of silly putty they've put in front of him the past few years. You also have a responsibility to all the veterans who came here in free agency expecting to win.

Franchise quarterbacks don't grow on trees no matter how high they're drafted. There's no guarantee that when Eli leaves, another one will be waiting in the wings. Now that Eli has shown you that he still has it in him, I'm hoping he gets to stay here and prove it.

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