POINT PLEASANT BEACH — Kevin Domenic has fond memories of spending summers on the Jersey Shore. And while he now lives in St. Louis, he has taken his love of this town to the world of Minecraft, using the video game to recreate the seaside community in minute detail, cube by cube.

Domenic, 37, said his parents bought a house in town many years ago. While the home was sold in 2008, but he said the memories are still fresh.

"I grew up spending many summer weeks there, got engaged there, and have tons of great memories," he said. "I miss it terribly. It's my favorite place in the world."

The project on Minecraft started four years ago with his family's old house and has slowly built up to neighboring houses and popular locations on the boardwalk.

"It just kept going from there. When I decided I was going to try to do the whole boardwalk, I chose to make it more like the Point Pleasant I remember, so I've taken certain liberties to change things," he said.

Some of those changes include the now defunct Jenkinson's Beach Train, which he said he loved and was sad to see go. While admitting that it's "not a 100 percent accurate depiction of present day Point Pleasant," Domenic said he thinks it's "pretty close."

So far he said he has gotten from the inlet to the aquarium on the boardwalk, and spends "a couple hours a week on it," so if he does finish his project it will be quite a bit more time.

In the meantime, the game gives him a chance to relive a childhood memory without having to navigate through the crowds that will be returning to the town for another busy summer season.

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