OAKLYN - The members of the Oaklyn Fire Department got a cold and early start to their day when they and other first-responders helped pull a man who'd gotten stuck waist-deep in a freezing creek.

Just after 7 a.m. a group that included the Oaklyn Police Department and the Department of Public Works went to Peter's Creek near Oaklyn Public School where they found the man partially submerged in ice and water.

According to a report on NJ PEN the water where the man was stuck was only around a foot deep, but he had sunk two feet in the mud. The Oaklyn dire chief said in the story that the man could not remember how he had gotten in the water to begin with.

After being brought back to shore the man was transported to Cooper Hospital by MEPRI EMS with "cold weather related injuries," the Oaklyn Fire Department said in an announcement of the rescue.

"The man apparently spent the night waist deep in mud, water, and ice. The fire department arrived shortly after the victim was removed from the water, and ended up using a winch cable to assist the Truxor get back to shore as it, too, was bogging down in the muck," the department wrote. "The unidentified man was turned over to EMS, who transported him to a hospital."

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