A crinjury, or cringe injury, is an injury that when described to others gives one a skin crawling feeling. Makes you cringe just hearing the details. A broken leg is certainly more serious than a paper cut. However a paper cut to the white of the eye? Bam. Crinjury!

NJ.com reports there is a lawsuit against Six Flags Great Adventure over an incident from 2018. A Pennsylvania man, Steven Keim Jr., says he went into a smoking area that was surrounded by bamboo trees. He says he stored his cell phone in that area at the direction of a Great Adventure employee and when he went back to retrieve it a sharp piece of bamboo went right through the bottom of his shoe and pierced his foot.


NJ.com reports Keim says he received pain, scarring, limited movement and incurred $75,000 in medical bills as a result. According to the lawsuit, “Great Adventure knew or should have known of the unreasonably and defective condition existing at the designated smoking area adjacent to the Kingda Ka roller coaster.”

The lawsuit was filed in Ocean County in November and has now been moved up to federal court.


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