The suspect in the Hell's Kitchen knockout was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing at New Jersey toll booth.

Corey Pohan
Corey Pohan (NJ State Police)

Corey Pohan, 32, surrendered to officials when they found him in his mother's Lakewood home on Wednesday evening, according to ABC news. The search followed the video-viral altercation between Pohan and dog-walker Paul Martone. Pohan allegedly stepped over Martone's dog at a crosswalk in the Hell's Kitchen section of New York.

The argument commenced when Pohan allegedly punched Martone in the face. The victim suffered brain swelling, a contusion and a skull fracture according to ABC.

When Pohan was headed back to New York with police following the incident, Pohan - un-cuffed at the time - "apparently changed his mind and bizarrely jumped out of the police car and climbed on top of a toll booth," the New York Post reported. reported that the suspect "left the unmarked NYPD car at the 16E/18E toll plaza.

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