Fidget spinners are the must have gadget for NJ kids and the bane of NJ teachers this spring. There's also a wave of DIY videos. But lots call for obscure parts. So, I decided to try & make a super simple spinner, with these three materials readily available at home.

Clearly, this is a no-frills spinner!  Show us your craftiness. Share your homemade fidget spinner hacks. Wanna show off your spinner collection? Maybe you have a treasured light-up spinner, or a cool trick that you've mastered since first taking a 'spin'? (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

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Teachers, we feel your pain! If you need to vent or want to share a fidget spinner lesson plan that proved to be a hit, we're here for ya. A growing number of NJ districts have banned spinners from classrooms. Has yours?

On an interesting side note: The palm-sized device, meant to help calm kids with ADHD and other conditions, was invented over 20 years ago. But the inventor isn't making a dime! Catherine Hettinger couldn't afford the $400 to renew her patent, a few years back.

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