We continue to honor the brave New Jersey men and women who serve our nation faithfully in the armed services.

Today my colleague, Allison Gormly introduced us to a real hometown hero from Mount Laurel, NJ.  Lt. Commander Ryan Peters is a Navy Seal, practicing attorney, Burlington County Freeholder and father and husband.  He shared his interaction with his law school classmates and reaffirmed my concern that most millennials are out of touch with the sacrifice and commitment of our military heroes.

Ryan is a patient, thoughtful, measured guy who understands the need to educate instead of admonish and lecture.  He's got a great perspective as a Navy Seal and a millennial.  He recounted the story of sacrifice not only in his own life but from the perspective of his wife who has helped the family through three deployments.  There is a strong sense of patriotism and duty that Ryan conveys when he talks about his service.  The fact that he also currently holds county elected office shows that there is a well rounded leader who will likely be a factor in NJ politics in years to come.

You can listen tot the full audio interview in the clip below.

In the meantime, he'll be throwing hatchets with Allison in the next couple days.  Yes, I'll have video...

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