Today's the day. Our behind the scenes conversation including all the conversations among our judges for #MeatloafDay2017 recorded in our latest podcast episode that dropped at 12:01am Wednesday. Jay Black and Jessica Nutt joined me on air Wednesday to discuss the event and the aftermath.

The good news is that, according to Jay, as the four judges devoured meatloaf sample after meatloaf sample, Jessica at least (can't speak for the guys) kept her chewing to a polite silence (thanks Jessica). It actually didn't occur to me that the studio recording of the judges could have included chewing but I probably shoulda thought of that.

Jay did however take issue with Jessica's call coming from outside as she made her way from the train to her day job. Can't make everybody happy all the time! The podcast episode is one of the best we've put out so far. Lemme know if you agree. Subscribe, listen, rate and review. Remember, #MeatloafDay2018 is only 359 days and a wake up away!

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