A winner of a $4 million New Jersey Lottery Pick 6 jackpot credits prayer with her life changing win. Wanda Ledgewood of Morris County played the Pick 6 regularly using loose change she found around the house (think sofa cushions) always using Quick Pick numbers.

She bought two tickets for the April 29th drawing and “said a lot of prayers” that one of her tickets would hit. Apparently God was listening to Wanda as her numbers came up while she watched the drawing on TV.

She obviously got excited when she saw her numbers come up one by one, but, in disbelief, ran to her computer to double check. That convinced her. Apparently she had a strange look on her face as her daughter thought something was wrong. When Wanda told her that they had won the big Pick 6 jackpot, her daughter also went to a computer to triple check the numbers. Once they were all convinced that had, indeed, won, they immediately went to where they bought the ticket to get verification. They didn’t waste any time to get the money. The next day they went to Lottery headquarters to claim their prize. Her ticket was the only winner. So, gather up your loose change, say a few prayers, and buy a lottery ticket.

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