It seems like more and more people are always looking for a way to get federal assistance or looking for a quick way to retire due to some form of a "health issue." Well, in light of the recent events that have been taking place in the NFL, Jim has a brand new disability that people could wind up retiring from.

Could the replacement referees cause you a disability?
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Yes it will be the latest rage, we can see it now. You're so fed up from the aggravation of watching the replacement referees during NFL games that you need to go on permanent disability. It may even be an epidemic that sweeps across the country like wildfire. So it has substance and our politicians take it seriously, we'll put a name to it and call it "Referee Rage."

Since we're having fun at the referees expense, let's keep the ideas and creativity coming. What other permanent disabilities can we create for those people that are looking for the government take care of them?


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