Until yesterday what I knew about Steve Sweeney was limited to the fact that he’s the President of the New Jersey State Senate and a Democrat from Gloucester County.

New York Post front cover
New York Post front cover 9/26/12 (NY Post)

I now also think he is a grandstander looking to grab some headlines and that’s the most diplomatic way I can sum up his announcement that he is drafting a bill prohibiting replacement officials from working pro sporting events in New Jersey.

By now even if you don’t care a lick about pro football you’re probably aware of what took place Monday night when the Seahawks beat the Packers by scoring a controversial and questionable touchdown on the final play of the game.  That’s the nice way of saying it.

Tthe bottom line is we all know that replacement officials blew the call and cost Green Bay the win.  The story was everywhere yesterday, even places that hardly ever devote a minute to sports.  It seemed everyone from President Obama to yours truly had an opinion and wanted to be heard.

Enter our State Senate President who just happens to be a devoted fan of the “just got screwed Packers.”  Sweeney issued a statement that said he plans on introducing legislation that would ban the playing of any pro sporting event in New Jersey with replacement officials.  In his statement he talked about players safety, and the quality of play, all valid points and ones I won’t argue.

Steve Sweeney
Senate President Steve Sweeney (Kevin McArdle, Townsquare Media NJ)

However the last thing we want is more government and frankly who needs the state of New Jersey getting involved in what takes place on a football field.  While the recent furor has to do with the replacement referees in the NFL, Sweeney’s bill would impact not only the Giants and Jets but the Devils, Red Bulls and I would imagine even minor league baseball.

While I think the legislation is a joke and will never get passed just imagine a Giants or Jets game not being played at MetLife Stadium because of a state law.

I’m sure the Senate President woke up Tuesday seething over the way the Packers lost which was a shame.


With that  said when Sweeney wakes up this morning or tomorrow morning I’d like him to be outraged over more important matters that tick off New Jerseyans and try and do something about them. This is simply a Hail Mary that even the replacement refs will rule incomplete and there will be no video replay to change that.


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