A motorist who stopped to rescue a tiny kitten in the middle of Route One in Plainsboro feared a bad situation had gotten worse.

The driver stopped her car to try and help, but the frightened and confused kitten ran toward the car, slipped underneath, then jumped up into the undercarriage.

The woman called police, and officers came to help.

Plainsboro police posted on Facebook three members of the force, aided by an animal control officer, were able to climb under the car and eventually coax the scared kitty out.

They did not identify the good Samaritan, but did confirm the kitten was not harmed.

The quick action of police drew praise from community members posting on Facebook.

Georgian wrote: "Wow!  Thank God the kitten was not run over.. I cannot even imagine... thank you to PD and the person that pulled over."

Richard, however, had a different, and more cynical, take: "3 cops and animal control for a kitten, that's a lot of payroll. I bet they had to get busy later giving out extra traffic tickets."

We're happy the tiny feline is safe and hope the kitty finds a great home.

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