Take a look at this picture. That's my car on your left. Notice it's parked properly between the lines. Look at the car on your right.

What you need to know is the context. I had just parked my car when the woman who parked next to me pulled in. In other words she clearly saw my car as it parked and had to know someone would be getting out of my vehicle. This is the awful park job she performed and the space she left me. I seriously considered saying something to her about it, but I didn't. I can't decide if I'm ashamed of myself or proud of myself for keeping my mouth shut.

Yes, I did have room to get out (believe it or not lol) but the point is why be that inconsiderate? Are you actually looking to get a ding in your door? Or you just have no concept of other people? If I'm asking questions, here's the best one. When you've seen someone park like an idiot, have you done anything about it? Take our poll below.

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