Ted Cruz pulled off a mild upset over the heavily favored Donald Trump in the Iowa caucuses last night. Two local political advisors weighed in on just how a Cruz victory may affect the candidates moving forward as they head to New Hampshire.

Former Mayor of Bogota Steve Lonegan and now the head of the Ted Cruz for President campaign in New Jersey, called in from Iowa to weigh in on the victory.

According to Lonegan, the victory came as no surprise to the team. "I was not looking at this as an upset. I expected this win. Our organization on the ground was second to none."

As the candidates head to New Hampshire, Lonegan sounded as if he is very confident for similar results for his candidate there as well.

Lonegan stated "This boils down at the end of the day to the message. You know Bill, this isn't a popularity contest where Donald Trump says a bunch of exciting popular things and gets everyone excited. It's about the person who has the best record, the best track record, the best conservative message. We're going to do very very well in new Hampshire and don't be surprised if we win that state."


As for Cruz's competition, a former advisor to Donald Trump, Roger Stone weighed on what happened to Donald Trump in Iowa and why Trump wasn't victorious.

Stone stated, "Ted Cruz won by three points. I just think that's Cruz's organization. For several weeks now its been apparent that Ted Cruz was better organized evangelical Christians who play a disproportionate role in the Iowa caucuses. Look at it historically. First of all look at the situation on the ground. I still think Trump created a large enough pool of people to win the caucuses, his campaign failed to convert enough of them to voters."

I mentioned that as the conversation between the candidates is turning more from recognition to serious discussions about the deep issues, will this be the time, prior to New Hampshire, for Trump to get more organized in his campaign efforts?

Stone says that there has to be a change heading in to New Hampshire. Stone said "Well he needs to be more focused on his attack on Ted Cruz. Just saying he's a maniac, which may or may not be true, is not the answer. I think you have to point out his service to George W. Bush as his top issue advisor."