Here's proof that when Lt. Gov Kin Guadagno joins me for #DigginInWithKim, not every discussion is serious.

During one segment, I mentioned how Kim Guadagno is the acting governor while Chris Christie is out of town at the Republican National Convention.

Kim then began to correct me and let me know just how many jobs she was holding down at the current moment. "This is a fun story. I'm the acting governor, the lieutenant governor and the 33rd secretary of state." I thought I was busy hosting the NJ101.5 morning show and Chasing News but apparently I don't hold a candle to our acting governor.  Now THAT is multi-tasking!

If anyone needed anymore more proof at which gender are the better multitaskers, I think Lt. Gov. Guadagno put the argument to bed. Watch the full clip above.

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