Our nickname is "The Garden State", but it's not a slogan. There is a movement in the state senate to make it the official state slogan.

Ever since l moved to New Jersey when I was 12, and my father made me dig up part of the back lawn to plant his garden, I have had a garden in New Jersey. Even when I lived in a second floor apartment in Collingswood, I asked the landlord if I could plant some tomatoes.

I can't remember a year here when I didn't plant a garden. To me and millions of others it IS the garden state. But that's not a slogan.

Liberty and prosperity are on our state flag, but that kind of blatant hypocrisy could cause civil unrest if the legislature were arrogant enough to propagate such a lie as to make it our slogan in modern times. It may have been the idea in 1770 something, but that ship has sailed a long time ago.

So we left it to our listeners here in New Jersey to come up with the appropriate state slogan. In no particular order....(drumroll)

  • The Boardwalk State
  • Got Beach?
  • Surviving, Not Thriving
  • The Private Sector Makes, Trenton Takes
  • Shore To Please
  • Home of the Dope (take that one how you will!)
  • New Jersey, Guidos Taxes Pizza
  • Now Youze Can't Leave
  • We Got It All
  • BOHICA...Bend Over Here It Comes Again
  • Hurry Up To Wait
  • Our Taxes Are Greater Than Yours
  • Because Only Jersey Understands Jersey

And mine and Judi's favorite...

  • New Jersey....What Are You, Stupid?!

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