When I was little I used to dream of having a business that I could name after me. "Judi's Whatever."

"Judi's Beauty Salon" "Judi's Shipping" "Judi's Boutique"... that's how unimaginative I was!

It never occurred to me to come up with something fun or "punny" or clever, but that's the way people names their businesses back then. Today? Not so.

It seems that every day you see another quirky business name as you're traversing NJ's downtowns and business corridors. We surveyed our listeners and they came up with some of our favorites in New Jersey:

Here are some names for businesses we loved that are not in New Jersey.

  • SureLock Homes (Locksmith)
  • Tucker Inn (Motel)
  • Full of Sheets (Linens)
  • Jack the Clipper (Kids Hair Cutting)
  • Baguetteaboudit! (Café)
  • Kamasouptra (Soup and sandwiches)

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