This could only happen to me, or could it? Last Sunday I drove my Lincoln Town Car into my driveway after coming back from the store. I parked it, unloaded the groceries and never saw my keys again. Of course they were the only set, and of course I was going to show the car to someone who was interested in buying it! I had called a dealer looking to replace it and the  quoted it at hundreds of dollars.

We looked everywhere as well as places we never even thought of right up until I went on New Jersey 101.5 Monday night. With the lost keys fresh on my mind I bared my soul and for the next two hours took calls from lots of people who suffered the same fate.

One caller who didn't, Jamie Skinner of 1-844-CARKEYZ, who saved me from my situation. Today he showed up with his store contained van and not only made me a key on the spot, but was much cheaper than if I would have had to tow the car to the dealer and dealt with that hassle.

Thanks Jamie from the bottom of my car, which is yet another place I looked for the keys.

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