Burning through money. With how expensive this state is, that statement is pretty much a given.

But it's so much more than that. For all the good in The Garden State, there are also issues. And those issues don't seem to be easily solvable.

Below is a list that comes from Reddit users that highlight what they feel are the biggest problems in New Jersey. And to be honest? It's mostly spot on.

Mostly spot on, because there are other problems that are missing from the list. One of which directly relates to an issue that's happening this very minute.

So what are those problems in New Jersey? And, what's missing from the list that you feel should be included?

Feel free to mention what you feel are New Jersey's biggest problems in the comments.

The 10 Biggest Problems NJ Faces, According to Reddit Users

Reddit users named these the biggest problems that New Jersey Faces. Do you agree?

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Burning through money in New Jersey
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Add to the list

Reddit users were mostly spot on with their biggest problems about The Garden State. One big one, however, was notably missing from the list that absolutely needs to be included today.

This problem is related to the congestion in the state, which was listed as the first issue on the Reddit list. Although we're already overpopulated, we're only making it worse as time goes on.

Add to the above list, overdevelopment. The constant building in this state just doesn't seem to know how to slow down.


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Two of the biggest overdevelopment issues seem to stem from two things. An overabundance of oversized houses, and a ridiculous amount of storage units.

There are other issues too that could be added to the list, such as rising tolls. That one, of course, directly helps the unaffordability problem.

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