🔴 Officials say a French Bulldog puppy was stolen from inside a home in Linwood

🔴 Police say a garage door opener was used to gain access to the inside of the home

🔴There have been numerous break-ins committed with garage door openers

LINWOOD — A French Bulldog puppy that was allegedly stolen from a home has been found and returned to its owner, according to the Linwood Police Department's Facebook page.

In a previous post to the department's Facebook page, police said the dog was stolen on Dec. 10 during a series of motor vehicle thefts and car burglaries in Linwood and several other neighboring communities. Police said two vehicles were stolen in Linwood.

It's not clear if the pup is a male or female and a name has not been released.

Police said garage door openers were used to gain access to the inside of the home.

“We must stress the importance of locking not only your vehicles but also your exterior doors to your home and removing the garage door openers if possible. All interior doors between your garage and home should be locked as well,” Linwood police advised in a Facebook post.

According to police, the investigation into the theft of the puppy is ongoing. Police also continue to investigate the motor vehicle thefts and burglaries.

If anyone has video or information to share, please contact Detective/Sgt. Timothy Devine at 609-927-7979 or by emailing tips@linwoodpd.org.

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