There is a continuing effort to reduce the high rate of accidents involving pedestrians in New Jersey.

During the month of October, the Linden Police Department will increase their enforcement of pedestrian laws. The city received a $41,000 grant from the state Division of Highway Traffic Safety for the campaign.

Will Yarzab is a former police officer who coordinates the Street Smart campaign at the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority. He says they remind drivers to obey speed limits, and stop for people in crosswalks.

"When you're turning as a driver, those left and right turns there a very dangerous point in time for pedestrians," he said.

During the campaign, educational materials will be on display around Linden and safety information will be distributed.

Yarzab says the campaign about driving and walking has been used in different places in the state.

"Each department takes it on as they can. When the program started in 2013, we'd been to about 106 different communities. So some communities have done the program several times."

He says pedestrians need to use crosswalks and also stay alert.

"Let's be aware. Let's think about each other as we try and improve mobility for everyone in the state," he said.

New Jersey ranks 13th in the nation in the number of pedestrian fatals per 100,000 people. Pedestrians comprised 29% (183 total) of the 624 people killed in crashes in New Jersey during the year 2017, nearly double the national average of 16%.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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