You can never have too many life hacks, so I've come up with a few more as part of my ongoing "Life Hacks" series. Let's get right to it.

Chill wine

So, to chill wine without watering it down, freeze a handful of grapes, then plop them in your glass of vino in place of ice cubes. Even better, you can munch on the boozy grapes when the glass is empty.

Hide cash

This one is for the ladies. Wanna hide cash in a place no one is likely to look? Open up the wrapper of a maxi-pad and insert the cash, then close the wrapper and stash it in your purse.

Get the wrinkles out

To quickly get the wrinkles out of a shirt (especially the collar) without having to pull out the iron and and ironing board, all you need is a simple hair appliance. If you have a flat iron for your hair, heat it up and run the wrinkles material through the appliance like you would a section of hair. Easy, fast and it really works.

Cool off bottled beverages

Take a damp paper towel, wrap in around the bottle and place it in the freezer. It will be cold in no time!

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