"Licencias si, promesas no!"

This was the chant in the streets of Trenton recently. It was a rally of more than 100 immigrants (how many of them were illegal?) demanding our new governor stick to his campaign promise of giving illegals special driver's licenses.

"Licencias si, promesas no!" Translated that means "Licenses yes, promises no!" You can't make this stuff up. People who have not even bothered learning the dominant language of this nation marching on a state capital making demands. Might I add if some of those immigrants demonstrating were indeed illegal they are making demands of an elected official that they have no legal authority to elect.

Nuno Pereira is a coordinator for Cosecha New Jersey. She was there. "Remember, you made it a point in your campaign to promise this. Now complete it in the first 100 days!" she insisted. Really? You're not only pushing for this terrible idea of legitimizing the illegitimate, you're making demands of how fast it be done? That's muy arrogante if you ask me.

There are so many things wrong with this proposal that I'd be here all day at the keyboard. Let me just point out two things. One, if you read the legislation you'll find that the standard 6 points of ID the rest of us, you know, citizens, have to come up with do not apply to illegals. It is a different set of standards. One example is a utility bill may be used by an illegal to show they live here whereas citizens aren't allowed that. Two, for all advocates of this proposal who say this will have illegals driving legally and carrying insurance I would ask what makes you think they will care about those laws when they clearly haven't cared about immigration laws?

This whole idea is insano, loco, estupido if you ask me.

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