As we continue to wrap our heads around the horrific massacre perpetrated on innocent concert goers in Las Vegas, some opportunists wasted no time to use the tragedy for their own political agenda. Lead by former Secretary of State and failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, some local pols took to twitter to assign blame only hours after the gunfire stopped.

Early this morning as the death toll was still listed at 20, Jay Lassiter tweeted this:

Then Senator Ray Lesniak got into the mix, saying that perhaps the killings would have been prevented if only Nevada had New Jersey style gun laws.

It's the height of arrogance in the face of an absolute tragedy to position for your own political agenda. It's utter ignorance to suggest that this event was simply avoidable for want of one new law banning a certain type of weapon. I guess all three took the advice of former White House Chief of Staff and current Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanual who famously said, "you never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

We don't know all the facts.  We don't know all of the evidence that has been recovered.  The motive behind the attack,the planning that went into it. All subject for speculation until law enforcement completes it's job. How about we wait until then before deciding how simple it would be to prevent a tragedy like this.

On Chasing News this evening I'll be speaking to an expert on security. He served as a special agent in the DEA and FBI. The bottom line is that there is no way to completely protect people from those evil doers focused on causing harm.

Look at the terrible tragedies that have taken place across the world in the past couple years, BerlinStockholm, Nice, Manchester and Paris.

What law change would have prevented these attacks? In the aftermath of how vulnerable Europe has become in recent years, many on the political left attacked their counterparts on the right for spreading misinformation and hate about immigrants, refugees and Muslims. In some cases when the political accusations occur hours after a terrorist attack I understand the reaction. What I don't understand is attacking people for offering a solution. What is additionally troubling are smart people making assumptions without evidence. And in Hillary's case actually discussing a 'silencers' despite that having literately nothing to do with the shooting.

Why is it OK for these agenda-driven politicos to generalize all gun owners, the Second Amendment and certain lobbying groups as a part of the conspiracy to kill innocents. It's illogical, wrong-headed and counter-productive.

Even when discussing my support for enhanced screening and travel bans for terror sponsoring countries, I don't suggest that all people from those nations are terrorists. Far from it. In many cases people living under terror-sponsors are oppressed victims themselves. But you can't take unnecessary risks when it comes to protecting our homeland.

As far as the debate following the Las Vegas massacre. Does anyone actually believe that one law, one ban or a complete eradication of the Second Amendment will make you safer? Either way, the debate will ensure, but can we at least give time for grieving families to bury their loved ones? It's about respect and real solutions. As far as preventing the next one, there are a lot of questions, and no one has all the answers.

For now please tune out the ignorant statements coming from some of our Democratic friends in Trenton and the person that clearly still can't believe she's become politically irrelevant.

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