OK, maybe this spot is close to you or maybe it is not, either way you need to make the drive because some things are simply worth it.

Prepare yourself because I found the LARGEST slice of pizza in New Jersey.  Are you down for the 24" inch mega slice challenge? Sign. Me. Up.

Get ready to enjoy the largest slice in Jersey. Yes, you can get toppings on it, too.

Photo credit: Slice Facebook

If you are ready to eat a little lunch then this place is not for you. If you are wanting IG worthy pics of a lunch everyone will talk about you need to be at Slice on 12 US Hwy 9, Morganville, NJ 07751. Can you even believe these photos?

I know what you're wondering: Is it just quantity and not quality?  This pizza is straight-up awesome. You can get the mega for $17 or you can up the ante by getting other mega creations too like chicken bacon ranch.

Photo credit: Slice Facebook

This one will set you back $40. There are 23 different mega slices on their menu or you can create your own!

Just think of this scenario ... your boss asks you to pick him/her up a slice for lunch when you are out and you say, "no problem". You call in your order with the Slice crew and they have it hot and ready to go. You deliver the goods and your boss is blown away. That's a mic drop #overachiever.

Just an idea ;-)  Who's hangry?

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