In this episode of #SpeakingMillennial, I'm joined by my podcast co-hosts, Jay and Jessica in the Green Room at the Stress Factory comedy Club.

What's different about this episode is we're talking while our comedy show is happening on stage.  Each of us leaving at different times to perform. Our Millennial host Jessica, who also hosted the performance that night did not let it stress her out at all.

You'll also be happy to know that Jessica took charge of the audio after a few episodes where, well let's just say I shouldn't ever be in charge of technical production. It's possible that I talked about the results of the comedy show at the Comic Strip Live...and may have discussed winning...which I didn't. Vinnie Brand, Stress Factory owner and stand up comic, also joined us for the second half of the conversation after his stage set.

You can listen tot he latest episode below.

Listen above!

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