Kathy Griffin is not the first name I would think of when describing a news event.
But the New Year “dropping of the ball” in Times Square isn’t so much news as it is entertainment.

And it’s for that reason she has been a part of the Times Square ball drop these past few years.

But…..big “but” here!

Do you feel what she did on national TV last night crossed the line between entertainment and just plain smut!

Check out this video:

While I was watching “The Newsroom” marathon on one of the HBO channels last night (shows you what a “fun” guy I was)…that scene was going on on the channel known for “the first name in news!”

There’s Anderson Cooper trying to inject some professionalism into CNN’s New Year coverage, being mauled by Kathy Griffin’s attempt at humor…simulating oral sex on the giggling Cooper.

Funny hearing him try to fend her off.

Now I’m no prude.

And I’d say that if you invite Kathy Griffin, you have to expect that this is what you’re going to get…sort of.

But this would have been more appropriate (if anywhere) on MTV.

And to think….I thought there was a choice between “The Honeymooners” and “The Newsroom!”

The “first name in news” was the talk of the town!

PS: I think a better comeback for Cooper would have been when asked by Griffin if she could kiss the sardine would have been, “….more like kissing a guppy!”

But that’s just me!

Do you feel Kathy Griffin’s attempt at humor on CNN New Years Eve was all in fun, or completely inappropriate?