Artie Lange, who's new book "Wanna Bet? A Degenerate Gambler's Guide to Living On The Edge" spent 2 hours on my show talking about everything from his time with the Howard Stern Show, his time at Union Hill High School, and everything in between. Lange actually slept through his funniest Stern moment which involved Kathy Griffin. (video above)

"This is my favorite moment ever in the history of me on the show," says Lange, who tells the story. "Kathy Griffin is talking about how her father just died and she's sitting 2 feet from me crying and telling Howard, 'you know my father just died and he always wanted me to win an Emmy and I just won an Emmy,' and she's crying and you hear an audible snore from me." Our studio cracked up when he told it. "It's the funniest thing I've ever done and I said if I thought about that awake, I should get an Emmy."

This upset Griffin who asks, "Does he have to be here?!" So they woke Artie up and  "I'm like 'wha wha wha is Kathy talking?'" They also kicked her makeup people out which Lange says, "if you've ever seen Kathy without makeup, they're a key part of her entourage."

Artie will be performing with Reverend Bob Levy and Matt Bridgestone at the Playground Pier in Atlantic City on Aug 20-21. I'll be with him on Aug 20.

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