You may have noticed an ad popping up on your phone or laptop recently urging you to kill bugs in New Jersey.

The state Department of Agriculture is trying to enlist your help is stomping out certain invasive species of bugs this spring and summer. It's strange in this day and age to see anyone, let alone the gubmint, urging people to kill anything in nature.

But we are living in strange times. People don't often even kill bugs anymore. I have friends and family that will catch bugs in a plastic cup, even scary-looking spiders, and move them outside rather than stepping on them or squishing them in a paper towel.

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So, it was refreshing to see the ads encouraging people to eliminate bugs! Many of us grew up not giving a second thought to squashing bugs any time we encountered one.

The New Jersey Agriculture Department is running ads telling you which bugs are the ones you should have no qualms killing on site. Some are the usual suspects. Most notably the spotted lantern fly.

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They've identified the others like the Asian longhorned beetle, emerald ash borer, gypsy moth and the pineshoot beetle.

Some of these critters are pretty scary looking and most of them are invasive species that are not native to New Jersey. They can cause serious damage to trees and crops here.

These creatures never would have found their way here, but with global trade and travel, they are here. So, put aside your guilt and stomp away. You're doing us all a favor.

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