As if the Liberty Science Center weren’t already cool enough. There’s a new reason to love the place and if your kid likes dinosaurs you need to read this.

Dino Dig Adventure is a hands-on exhibit where people can use tools or bare hands to move sand and try to unearth simulated fossils. We’re talking replicated fossils of bones, eggs, and, what kid won’t love this…poop.

Then they take what they’ve unearthed and with the aid of materials nearby they can try to identify what they found.

All of this is in a huge 1,750 square foot area that puts you in the landscape of a paleontological dig zone. There are three different pits representing different eras. Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic.

Okay, seriously? Only the kids get to do this? You know adults are going to be having fun right alongside them.

You may discover the replica bones of a stegosaurus, an allosaurus, or a phytosaur. (Spoiler: a phytosaur bears a striking resemblance to our modern day crocodile.)

How much sand is there to comb through? Try 60 tons. This exhibit is legit!

Liberty Science Center President and CEO Paul Hoffman is excited for people to come see it. “We view this new exhibition as an authentic tribute to the exciting world of paleontology,” he says. “We want to expose our guests to the exacting physical work as well as the evolving body of scientific evidence that inform our current understanding of the dinosaur age.”

Read more about what you know you’re going to take your kid to see on Liberty Science Center’s website. Liberty Science Center is located in Liberty State Park at 222 Jersey City Boulevard, Jersey City.

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