It's a new world. This election cycle has ushered in a new low when it comes to political ads the likes of which you’ve not seen before and you may never see again.

In the past, even when ads were negative or derogatory, they somehow seemed to hold to a certain standard of refinement or professionalism. There was a limit to how low a candidate would go when it came to smearing the opponent.

Now, it’s become personal. And mean. Social Media has entirely changed the landscape. Since it’s a mass of “regular people” who are now armchair pundits, the commentary has become more pedestrian. More grassroots, and more sloppy.

Billboards are apparently part of the commentary, too. This is not your father’s billboard. It's the slapped together, "hey let's all chip and and buy a billboard" type of thing that has no business reflecting the serious business that is a presidential election. But, we’re here now, and this is what it is.

It’s an embarrassment from both sides. Take a look at just a couple examples of what I’m talking about here.

(Judi Franco/Townsquare Media)
(Judi Franco/Townsquare Media)

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