Last week we had the privilege of hosting some of the most amazing New Jerseyans you will ever meet at a very special event.

Along with our sponsorship partner American Senior Magazine, we have been spotlighting “super seniors” throughout the fall, and just in case you think these are doddering old people, get that idea out of your head. These are people with energy to spare ...young at heart and vibrant-people who have proved to be exemplary in their communities, making significant contributions and affecting change.

The program culminated on Thursday with a fun luncheon with all nominees in attendance. I got a chance to meet all of them and hang out with them and then, they visited with Dennis and me in the studio. Just being around these people put us all in a great mood because of the positive energy they exude. We were all blown away by them because they were all examples of how to live a full and happy life at ANY age.

And of course, I had to test some of them on their dancing prowess at the end of their visit. Cause that’s just one of the many dumb things I do. A little dancing never hurt anyone — at ANY age.

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