It was a dark night. No moon. No stars. Just black.

As I was walking the perimeter of a house with no lights on outside, I noticed a light on in the basement window. I walked closer to the basement window to see what was going on when something came out of nowhere and grabbed me from behind.

The next thing I know I was in the very basement I had gotten too curious about moments before. I had shackles on my feet and hands. I looked over to the table on my left and noticed a screwdriver, my cellphone, and a baby monitor. The sound on the other end of the baby monitor was a deafening static frequency. Every minute or so, I would hear a voice say "any minute now."

A very tall figure walked in wearing a trench coat and a full face mask. It started pacing back and forth in front of me. I was still hearing a mysterious "any minute now" over the baby monitor, and now my phone was ringing.

I looked up at the masked figure. It opened its mouth and lunged toward my face.

The mysterious figure picked up the phone, answered the call and without saying anything and put the phone up to my ear (because I had no mobility in my arms or legs). All I could hear on the other end were the voices of me and my friends from when I was a little kid playing outside.

It started cutting in and out, and suddenly the voices of me and my friends as children were now chanting "any minute now" in unison. I looked up at the masked figure. It took off the mask to reveal a supernatural being with red eyes. It opened its mouth and lunged toward my face.

I woke up in my bed, My body fully intact and full mobility of my limbs. I looked at my phone to see if I have any strange missed calls — but my phone was already unlocked and the photo album app was open on my screen. The most recent photo was a photo of me sleeping. A little freaked out, I put the phone as far as away from me as possible so I could finally get some sleep. I pulled the blanket over me once again and turn my head over to find the same mysterious figure laying there, unmasked, staring at me. I jumped out of my bed to get away but it was too late. It picked me up and threw me out of my bedroom window.

This is when I finally woke up for real. I was scared to fall back asleep that night.

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