Probably the worst nightmare of my life was about my father, around two years after his death.

The backstory: My father was only 62 years old when a brain tumor killed him, and killed him very quickly. Thirty days from diagnosis to death.

For two years I would have dreams of my father interacting with us as if everything were normal, but we all knew he was dead. We could see the surgical scar still prominent on his forehead, and he would be the only one to not realize he wasn't supposed to be there.

Now the nightmare. Did you ever have one of those dreams that is taking place in real time in the actual location you are, therefore seeming all the more real? It was the dead of night in my blackened bedroom and in the dream I awoke in my bed hearing something downstairs. I felt paralyzed as I heard slow, extremely heavy footsteps ascending the stairs. My heart raced. I didn't breathe.

The something that was dropped onto my bed was the two-year-old corpse of my father.

The footsteps came down the hall, closer and closer. I could barely see in the dim moonlight the room offered but as much as I tried to see the open doorway my body wouldn't move. I felt someone enter the room and the heavy footsteps coming straight to the side of my bed. The paralysis in full effect, all I could do is wait to feel a knife plunge into my back or hands begin to choke my throat.

Finally something terribly heavy was dropped by whoever was carrying it and it broke my paralysis and tossed me towards it. The something that was dropped onto my bed was the two-year-old corpse of my father, no longer animated, no longer unaware that he had died, in the full process of decay. The fingernails appearing long, the skin already rotting, and it was clearly my dad in the very suit we buried him in two years earlier.

I woke in the dark in the very same bed I had just dreamed, my mind and heart racing. As weeks then months went by I realized the old dreams of his interacting with us unaware he was supposed to be dead had completely stopped.

Looking back on it, I realize that that nightmare was my mind finally accepting my father's death.

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