Karma Lawrence regretted taking the photo of actor Geoffrey Owens bagging groceries at the Trader Joe's. Now it turns out she may be responsible for his career resurgence. Owens played Elvin Tibideaux on "Cosby" from 1985-92 and told Good Morning America that he took the bagging job in order to pursue other acting jobs and then come back to the store. This is pretty much what actors do in between roles, take a job like waiting tables to have that flexibility. He has also appeared in small roles on "Blue Bloods," "The Affair," and "Divorce."

Since the "job shaming," Owens acting has gotten a major hit. He's appeared on Good Morning America and actor and director Tyler Perry took to Twitter to offer Owens a job on a project he is working on. Perry said he has "so much respect for people who hustle between gigs," and called that, "the measure of a true artist." Nicky Minaj pledged to send Owens $25,000 to help him out but hasn't done it yet, and now Owens has landed a gig at NCIS New Orleans. "Job shaming" may have just been the career break Owens needed. In fact, I think he should return the photo favor to Karma Lawrence by sending her an autographed picture of himself in each of his new jobs.

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