I know! Bill's not back yet! If "Nightline" were still on the air, I'm sure that Ted Koppel would have a banner reading "America's Nightmare, Bill Spadea Days Off-Air: 8!"

But, as always, we at The Speaking Millennial Podcast are here to give you your Spadea fix until he gets back in studio next week.

It helps that this week's episode is so good. Continuing our wedding episode from last week, the gang (including celebrity divorce attorney Matt Rooney and celebrity patience-haver, my wife, Kristina Black) is joined by someone that up until now we all thought was a George Glass situation.

(Remember George Glass? He's the boyfriend that Jan made up in a fit of pique on "The Brady Bunch".)

Anyway, we were all worried that Jessica's fiancé, Chase Gibson, might have been a real George Glass, seeing as we hadn't seen or heard from him on the show the entire time we've been recording.

Well, that all changes today, with Chase bursting onto the podcast (via a phone that is sometimes a little hard to hear), and, of course, being smacked right in the face with the kind of craziness you've come to love from us. It isn't three minutes into his appearance before Chase is greeted by a colorful description of colonoscopy prep and it only gets more fun from there.

After his appearance, we all gave it 50/50 that he breaks off the engagement. Listen right now and decide for yourself!

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